The Most Controversial Research Paper Topics On Gender

Doing a research paper on the most controversial topics on gender can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but when you do it can make life so much easier. First of all you need to pick a title that is going to be easy yet fun for you to do, because your productivity of the project will increase this way. Also, knowing a bit about the project is important, since this way you will have an idea of what to write about. You could also take notes of some titles and write down the pros and cons of each one. So if you want to find out some of the best titles continue reading. With that being said here are the most controversial research paper topics on gender.

  1. What defines a person’s gender?
  2. How can we make genders more equal too each other, what changes do we need to make?
  3. Male bosses and women bosses your opinion about the pluses and minuses.
  4. Describe feminism is this a good thing or a terrible thing?
  5. If you could change one thing about genders what would it be?
  6. What are the advantages of being a man?
  7. What are the disadvantages of being a woman?
  8. What are the advantages of being a woman?
  9. What are the negatives of being a man?
  10. Should you split the bill on a date in a restaurant?
  11. Should women be allowed in the military to serve their country?
  12. The emotional differences between the two sexes.
  13. Do you think homosexual marriage is a good thing, express your opinion?
  14. Should both parents be able to decide if they want an abortion or is this only the mother’s choice?
  15. Your opinion on women in politics why hasn’t there been a women president?

Try to pick something that you may already have information about, because this will save you time as you won’t have to do as much research. Thus, you could be putting time into other important things life proof reading the work or structuring the project. Also, you could pick something that you strongly believe in and are passionate about, which is not such a bad thing. However, picking something difficult will be a great experience as you will learn how to overcome obstacles.


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